Living Room Redesign

I finished 2017 with an unexpected blogging hiatus, when my nearly-new laptop died a sudden death. By the time I’d taken it to a tech, confirmed that the damage was irreparable, and had chosen an adequate replacement, the holiday scurry began and I decided to wait to pick things up again when I could more fully commit.

Just before my laptop died, I completed the first and largest phase of my living room redesign.  I didn’t have the opportunity to post about it then, so I’ll start 2018 with a post about how the room came together.  The room is still lacking a few things, but this is how the space looked when it was completed in October, as well as a shot with our mostly undecorated live Christmas tree.

The whole concept for the redesign sprang from my desire to highlight the canyon photographs our good friend Keith Evans took. ( His work is incredible, especially his astrophotography.)  While I love how open and calming the warm gray tone in our home is, I felt that the brilliant colors Keith captured in Lower Antelope Canyon ended up flat and boring against the greige.  

I wanted to paint the wall something that would really make the reds and oranges pop, so I looked on the opposite side of the color wheel for a deep blue, with a hint of green.  The color I chose was Fly By Night Blue, by Valspar.  The deep blue-green is one of my favorite colors, and I love how the paint changes tones depending on the lighting.  It mostly looks a deep navy, but when the room is filled with bright morning light, the green tones really come through, and you can see a bit of inky teal.  I am thrilled with the result!  The paint alone completely transformed the room.


As part of the redesign, I moved the furniture around, which meant I also needed to replace the rug, the coffee table, accent pieces like pillows and table accents, and add a couple of lights.  My goal is to feature those 4 prints on the wall, but to make the space a cozy, welcoming area for guests to visit and children to play.  I want all my furnishings to be simple and unfussy.  I love modern, clean interiors with a bit of a mid-century flair, but I want to make sure that it is a space my children can freely play in, and my guests don’t feel intimidated by.  Comfortable, cozy, unfussy and stylish are my primary goals.


After painting the wall a dark blue, I knew I’d need something light to brighten up the space, so it didn’t end feeling like a cave.  I also have love for structured, mid-century furnishings, but they can end up looking cold and unwelcoming with nothing else in the room to soften the space up.  I decided to go for one of those shaggy wool moroccan rugs, featuring a diamond print on a creamy background. To be sure that the front feet of each chair could fit on the sofa, but it didn’t extend too far into the walkway, I was looking exclusively for 6×9 rugs, which helped narrow down the options significantly.  I know it’s a big risk buying a white wool rug when I have small children, so I found a relatively inexpensive one which I am very happy with.  It does shed a bit, but I love the way natural wool feels, and it adds just the cozy feel I was looking for.   We do not wear shoes in the house, and we are careful to keep food away from carpeted areas, so hopefully with those precautions, we’ll get a few years out if it before it’s stained and ruined!

I had quite a challenge finding a coffee table to fit in our small space.  The general rule to determine how large of a coffee table one needs, is to measure 18” from each seat which will use the table.  18 Inches will allow enough space to walk between the table and sofa without bumping it, yet it will be close enough to easily set down your beverage without straining.  These parameters meant I was looking for a very, very small coffee table.  I found this amazing mid-century bench, which is exactly the right size and style to fit our space.  

I’ve also added a new table between the blue chairs, and a lamp on the vintage dresser, so the room is even closer to being complete than it was in these images from the fall. I’d like to add a comfy reading chair and a light, to the left of the sofa where the christmas tree is.

I’d also like a small table sort of thing to the right of the sofa, and something on the wall above the drawers.  I’m keeping my eye out for pieces that meet my criteria, and I look forward to posting progress photos as I find each piece.  For now though, I couldn’t be more thrilled by my new living room.

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