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Life Lately

I have one post yet to write about jeans, but I feel like I’ve been droning on about it forever, and I’m ready to talk about something else.  It’s funny – I don’t actually spend a whole lot of time thinking about the clothes I own already or may purchase in the future.  Since starting this blog though, I’ve sort of been obsessing over it.  Like so many others, I got into minimalism by editing my closet.  It seemed logical that I would also get into this blog by talking about my closet.  There are other things going on in my life though, and hopefully, a few other things going on in my brain from time to time…

Starting things off with the truly important stuff, I’ll mention that I’ve been hanging my clothes on a line to dry this summer.  As in, this cotton rope thing that  I bought online, and about 100 wooden clothes pins.   I am very high tech, so I wind the rope around a fence post at one end, walk it across the pavement to a fence post on the other side and wind it around a post over there.  It is just outside the gate where our Airbnb guests enter, and I’m sure they are all very impressed by what an amazing, eco-friendly home they chose to stay in.  I am impressed, that’s for sure.  I am very proud of my self for it, and every time I’m out there hanging up some laundry, I feel a little smug inside for how green I am being.  I’m actually not green at all; I’m quite red and sweaty as I stand in the blazing sun that is beating down on me and bouncing off the pavement and heating me up on both ends.  But!  I shall not complain about it.  I’ve sworn it off this year, as an offering of thanks to the Good Lord who blessed us with the wettest winter since Noah went sailing.

Speaking of heat though, I’ve been thinking about the impact of pavement on the global climate.  We are all convinced that it’s all these terrible vehicles which are ruining the ozone and heating up the earth, but could it be that the earth is not absorbing the sun’s rays as it should?  The earth that God made is so good at self-regulating.  The grass is always cool in the summer months, but when we cover it all with pavement, the heat is reflected back up, rather than absorbed. I mean, we all know that this is true, but how significant and permanent is the change we are making? It there any other surfacing material available that wouldn’t have such a detrimental effect?  I need to do more research on this.

Harris requested a popcorn picnic yesterday, so I simultaneously popped a bag and grabbed my camera.

I got our bathroom painted last weekend!  After a coat of white which Brian hated, then Creamed White which I hated, we went with Navajo White, which we both agree on.  So much so, that our bedroom is all taped up and ready for the same color.  Only two brown rooms left!

Harris isn’t napping anymore.  I’m learning to structure my days to accommodate this, and I’m getting better accustomed to never being fully “off duty”.  He has quiet time while Levi naps, but I am still heavily involved in it, and I can’t quite figure out how to encourage self-reliance during those precious 45 minutes.  Maybe it’s just time?  Maybe as he get’s older it’ll get better?  Who knows.

We’re going to Tahoe for the day on Saturday! I’m looking forward to a quick break away.

I am dying for this rug.  DYING for it.  It doesn’t help that it pops up in the ads on every single page I visit, so I can’t possibly avoid seeing it.  I’m looking for a Persian Hamedan rug for our front room, preferably about 6x9ish.  Unfortunately this one is just too narrow, otherwise, my feet would be resting on it as I type out this post.

That’s about it for this quick nap time/quiet time/personal time.  I’m making curry for dinner before heading to the gym the second Brian walks in the door, and hopefully painting the baseboards in our bathroom this evening.

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  1. I enjoyed that article on alternative road covering. I had never thought about that as a method to combat global warming.

    1. Yeah, totally! It looks pretty ugly in the photos, but I imagine we’d all get used to bright roads as we have with black. I also wonder how long it lasts. How quickly does the paint break down? What harmful effects might we see in the future as all those tiny paint particles enter our water stream? Who knows. I’m thrilled they’re making strides to change the problem though. Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment! It is really encouraging 🙂

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