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Following a Capsule…Sort Of


I’ve been living with an edited, capsule closet for year now.  I don’t follow the capsule strategy rules very closely anymore, but I have found a system that works well for me.  Now that my shopping habits have changed, I give myself a little more space to shop throughout the 3 month season.  Rather than buying it all at once, I buy a limited number of items throughout the season.  There are two main reasons why I started doing this.

First of all, the seasons change gradually.  Based loosely on how the seasons roll in my climate, the 3-month seasons I usually follow are:

Autumn: Sept-Nov

Winter: Dec-Feb

Spring: March-May

Summer: June-Aug

Tomorrow is September 1st, and we’ve got 9 days of triple digit scorchers ahead!  There’s no way I’ll wear the same thing next week as I will on Thanksgiving.  I find that it works better for me if I allow myself to add sweaters as they are needed, and ditch the tank tops when it becomes chilly.  I stay within a predefined number, and unless I’ve already identified it as a need, I don’t shop for those new things.  I’ll pull a sweater (one that I’ve already decided to add to my capsule) from my stored clothes as it becomes cooler.  That way I’m only choosing from clothes I’ll actually wear in the current weather conditions, and I’m still refraining from excessive shopping.

The second reason I don’t strictly follow a capsule is that I’m busy and picky.  I have refined my taste enough to be very particular about what I’m looking for.  I’m also terribly indecisive and a slow decision maker, so I’ve found that I’m happier with my selections if I give myself the space to make choices on an extended timetable.  I don’t have much time to devote to shopping, so I’m better off if I can look for one thing at a time, rather than need to have a complete wardrobe by a specific date.

It may not seem like a real capsule wardrobe if I’m able to shop and change things out during the three month season, and in the strict sense, it is not.  I feel that I still dress from a capsule because I am drastically limiting the options I’m choosing from, and limiting my shopping to a few specific options. At the change of seasons, I’ll identify what items I need to make the capsule work, and shop for only those items.  I don’t worry so much about having them all in by a certain date, I mostly just concentrate on buying only the things I need, and no more. I’ve usually completed my shopping within the first 4-6 weeks of my capsule.

As I mentioned in this post, this fall I’m shopping for a few long sleeved shirts, and more importantly, I need new boots.  To start, I’m concentrating on replacing my footwear for more cold weather options.  I’m sure I’ll post when I find the most versatile, capsule friendly pieces!


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