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Kids Gear Recommendations

Three new things have entered our home recently, which we seem to get endless questions about.  Any time these items have appeared on my Instagram feed, or when I’m out with the boys, people ask for sources.  I chuckle as I type this, because I feel like such a joke!  Like I think I’m some kind of big time blogger, influencing the mom’s of America with her curated social media presence and sponsored links.  I don’t feel like I’m the type of person who’s really ahead in the “cool gear for kids” game, or a real influencer of any sort!  In fact, I feel like I’m always the one learning from my friends, and copying the ideas I earn online.  But hey, if one person has asked about something useful I’ve found, perhaps there is another person I can help as well?  That’s the point of the online world, right? To help and inspire one another?  With that goal in mind, here is the cool new stuff we’ve been using lately.

Harris received his “race car” as a Christmas gift from Brian’s parents, and it’s the only vehicle he’s ridden since.  He loves it!  With the seat adjusted to the smaller setting, it is exactly the right size for him to maneuver with ease.  It is agile and stable, steers easily and precisely, drives forward and back, and has a lever break which stops him quickly, and is all around a good machine! We anticipate this being a favorite vehicle for years to come.

After last January was so incredibly wet, I was determined not to spend this winter cooped up indoors.  I admired the waterproof coveralls my Instagram friend Jay‘s son wore when they lived in Norway, and I decided to find something similar for my boys.  Since we live in a much warmer climate than Jay did, I found these suits which are waterproof but very thin.  The boys should be able to wear them long into spring, when the weather is warm, but the mornings are still damp.  I just throw the suits on over their normal clothes, add a pair of rain boots, and they’re ready to splash in puddles, play on wet grass, climb on dewy play structures, ride bikes and race cars through rain stormes, and have all the outdoor fun a boy could dream of!  At the end of it all, I zip the suits off, hang them in the garage, and they walk inside dry and clean!  No need to change out of muddy, cold clothes, and no need to wash them either!  We’re only at the beginning of Winter, but I am already thrilled with the liberation we’ve all felt since adding these to our tool collection.

The final item I get asked about is the knives the boys use in the kitchen.  They LOVE helping me cook, and in order to say “yes” whenever possible, I had to think of a way to make helping possible.  I found this set of 3 plastic knives on Amazon, and Harris has been a chopping fanatic ever since. They are sharp enough to cuts soft vegetables like cucumbers and bell peppers with ease, harder pieces like apples and carrots with a bit of sawing,  but probably not sharp enough to cut the hardest vegetables, like a butternut squash.  The description advertised that they are safe enough for children to use without cutting themselves, and while we haven’t experienced any tragedy yet, I do think the serrated edge could probably break through soft baby skin if enough pressure was applied.  I certainly would not advise ever allowing your child to use the knives without supervision.  We usually do our chopping together, so Brian or I can teach proper knife skills and safety as we go.


Hopefully these recommendations are helpful as you look for ways to stay busy during the winter months!


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